The "Beauty and Grace" of Tree Swallows

The "early birds" of spring are such a comforting sight - robins, red-winged blackbirds, killdeers bring joy to many people throughout our neck of the woods in late March and early April. But I've decided that my favorite harbinger of warmer days is the tree swallow - a stunningly beautiful bird equipped with gymnast-like skills in the air. Maybe I've come to love them for the challenge they present to a photographer.  Their quick, darting flight patterns are impossible to predict, let alone photograph!  On the day I captured this image, I spent several hours attempting to capture a moment that illustrated their graceful beauty in flight. It was a beautiful warm day in April and I could see the swallows were almost dancing with joy in the air as they captured insects and flirted with their mates. I approached a nesting pair with a low walk - I used my long lens to keep my distance. I visualized an image - could I get a shot of  both birds in the same frame that could convey the energy of the moment? My patience was rewarded after many failed attempts.  Sharing the story behind the shot is so much fun!